Partnership Promotion - Joe Ingham

We are all really pleased to announce Joe Ingham’s promotion to Partner

June 10, 2022
Jun 10, 2022

Joe Ingham was the first person to join us after the original five set up Pratap Partnership in January 2020. He was an obvious choice, having worked with Nik and the team before, with such a strong network and being one of the most influential finance recruiters in the interim market.

Joe’s performance has been nothing short of exceptional since joining us. He has brought his own network of clients and candidates that is deep in quality and loyalty, and he has helped us develop our existing relationships even further.

He has made a large number of outstanding placements, making a major contribution to the success of so many businesses and creating opportunities for some of the best senior finance candidates in the region. He has been a major part of the success of our CFO Network strategy from its initial inception.

Joe’s role will expand to become our Partner for our Interims specialism. He will ensure that we are constantly improving our proposition in a changing market and has set himself some serious targets for growth!

Nik Pratap comments

“I was delighted to welcome Joe into our business and I could not have been more impressed with his contribution over the past two and a half years. Every promotion should be thoroughly deserved and Joe’s is absolutely no exception. Hard work, resilience and a total commitment to personal development have made this happen for him.
We are all very proud to work with Joe and even more proud to have him as one of our Partners”

Joe comments

“Nik and I had talked about working together again several times after we both left Hays in 2013/2014. Though we were on different paths, we often kept in touch, and the stars finally aligned in 2020, when I was delighted to join up with Nik and the rest of the team , who I also worked with in the past.
On one hand, it wasn’t an easy decision to move; I had a huge respect for the company I previously worked for, and was lucky to work with some fantastic recruiters and colleagues who operated with exceptional ethics and integrity. I was walking away from a very reputable business with a clear progression path ahead. However, when Nik told me he was going to launch Pratap Partnership and wanted me to join the team with the promise of Partnership, having always wanted to help grow an exciting new start-up business, and knowing the other founding Partners were recruiters I knew well and trusted who I knew also worked with the highest level of integrity… I couldn’t say no to joining!
To say it has been a whirlwind would be an understatement… We have seen a global pandemic, huge legislation changes and challenging market forces. However, along with exceptional team work and team bonding, the continued hiring of brilliant and driven colleagues and record performances, it's an excellent success story I’m absolutely proud to be a part of. There hasn’t been a day gone by where I’ve regretted the decision to join the business.
Nik and all the team have been very kind with messages of congratulations this past week. Perhaps cliché, but any success I have had within Pratap Partnership has been down to the strength of the people I’m lucky to work with, who are always on hand to offer support and guidance, and who are all equally brilliant and driven to achieve success within their individual markets.
To quote the great Phil Jackson and a quote that defines our business;  “The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.”

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