Our Influences & Our Inspiration

We plan our operations, strategy and vision to be better than they were last year and to be even better next year.

Our business is built on our own great people – our team members who support and inspire each other every day.

Over 250 years’ collective history of working with other great recruiters, inspiring clients and impressive candidates, supported by engaging with a wide range of literature, media and influencers, our business continues to be built upon a huge volume of material.

An “important influence” can be made through a relationship that has lasted for over a decade or by one single conversation or chapter read.

Inspirational Individuals

A collection of indviduals Pratap Partnership have always aspired towards and follow closely

Our Inspiration

The books that have influenced us

Simon Sinek – Start with Why

This book has had a huge impact on our brand and on our strategy.

Greg Savage – The Savage Truth

Greg Savage is one of the international figureheads for the recruitment industry.

Andrew Edmans – Grow the Pie

This book was recommended to us by a client in 2022 and we have recommended it to so many after

Steve Peters – The Chimp Paradox

This book helps the reader to understand their own actions and those of the people around them

Thomas Erikson - Surrounded by Idiots

A brilliant book and a must-read for anyone interested in personality profiling – DISC or Insights

Michael Holding – Why We Kneel, How We Rise

This book has led to several conversations and a session in our team meeting schedule

Julian Richer – Ethical Capitalism

Julian Richer has built up a successful business by doing the right thing at Richer Sounds

Kevin Green – Positive People Strategy

As former CEO of the REC and an experienced HR Director, Kevin Green is an experienced leader and has a modern approach

Steve Guest – Personal Branding

Steve Guest is a great guy and a role model to so many recruiters

Simon Sinek – The Infinite Game

The recruitment industry has been historically built on a transactional focus

Phil Knight – Shoe Dog

There are not too many stories by inspirational accountants, but Phil Knight is certainly one of those!

Jim Collins – Good to Great

A book that many of our team were given at Hays and a classic

Legacy – James Kerr

There are many books linking sports with business, and this is one of the best!

Our Purpose

Influencing our purpose

All our inspiration and influences that our team follow allows our business to operate and expand our purpose, vision and values.