Our way to approach executive appointments is to take all of the positives from traditional search and blend with the very latest methodology and innovative technologies.

Our directors lead campaigns across all of the disciplines at board and senior management level, executive and non-executive

Senior Management + Leadership
Executive / Director
Specialist Search
Senior Management + Leadership
Executive / Director
Specialist Search

Our Service for Candidates

Every aspect of our service is delivered by one of our directors with over 10 years’ experience.

Our objective is for every candidate in a process to leave with a positive perception of our client and ourselves. We aim to achieve this through the following methods;

Providing the most thorough and informative briefs on every opportunity

Allowing our candidates to have more input into how they address the key requirements for each opportunity and present this information directly

Providing feedback wherever possible from a team of dedicated professionals

Investing in a relationship that aims to get the best outcome for each candidate and not ourselves

What we do

We have developed our own way of approaching executive recruitment, incorporating all of the strengths of traditional search and adding in the latest innovations in technology and process.

  • We operate across the board and senior management from CEO, NED to leadership roles in HR, Procurement, Sales, Marketing and Operations.
  • Our processes include talent pooling, benchmarking, profiling, referencing and technical assessments

Our Service
for Clients

A consultancy service that ensures that every process is designed to deliver the best advice and result.

We provide you an outsourced process that saves you time, with you getting involved at the key stages, whilst keeping you informed and in control throughout. All of our time and accountability is invested in finding the right hire for your business

  • Speaking to all stakeholders, researching your existing material and designing a proposition document that engages candidates, answers immediate questions and creates impact.
  • Benchmarks all aspects of the proposition against the market
  • Analyses the job description.
  • Advises an attraction and assessment process that hits the balance of the budget, timescales and candidate pool.
  • Timescales and communication plans agreed.
  • Using our vast network of professionals, directly and for referrals.
  • Quality advertising on the right media.
  • Modern search, considering approach style and utilising technology.
  • All candidates interviewed by one of our directors
  • Specific question frameworks for each campaign, to focus on the key requirements.
  • Profiling and testing
  • Referencing
  • Agreed contact levels for the first quarter and year.
  • Creating a “soft landing” for the candidate by helping with introductions to advisers, peers and coaches.
  • Extended guarantee periods for when the unexpected happens.
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For every campaign...

  • We will benchmark all elements of the reward package, using the very latest technology.
  • Every process is designed to improve our clients equality, diversity and inclusion strategy.
  • We will recommend and facilitate the most appropriate skills assessment, competency testing or profiling technique.

Our people within this specialism

Experienced individuals, bursting with personality – here to help you thrive.

Our roles


Senior Management + Leadership

Executive / Director

Specialist Search

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