Recruiting Our Way

"Our Way" is our team, our culture and how we deliver our service to our clients and candidates.

It is better than it was 12 months ago and it will be even better in 12 months' time. It is always improving and adapting to deliver the best results.

Clients trust us because we have the network, resources and expertise to deliver the best possible outcomes for their recruitment needs.

Candidates work with us because they trust us and enjoy working with our team.

Our partners have worked effectively together for most of the past 20 years, receiving the best foundations in a multinational at the beginning and evolving to create and co-own the Pratap Partnership.

What makes "Our Way" of recruiting effective?

Our team is made up of some of the most experienced individuals in the sector.

All of our team have worked together in previous recruitment businesses and have been attracted to Pratap Partnership by the culture which is built around our strong team ethos and hands-on leadership.

We are always looking to set the standard in our sector.

We achieve this through a blend of excelling in the traditional expectations of a recruitment business and innovating new processes to help our clients recruit effectively and help our candidates to find the right job.

We use all of the latest technology in the recruitment sector.

This gives our consultants an added competitive edge – artificial intelligence, search robotics, video campaigns and assessments are just some of the aspects of our service.

Our values are clearly evident to all of our clients & candidates.

We love working with people, we take the long-term approach to relationships, we always make ourselves accountable and we always focus on a positive result for all parties.

We take enormous pride in constantly improving and delivering our way of recruiting.

Our team share the same high levels of enthusiasm for our sector and learning new ways to achieve better results.

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Meet The Team

Experienced individuals, bursting with personality, here to help you thrive

Working together for over 20 years

Our business is built upon the successful history of our individuals, made even more effective by the strong team that we collectively make.