Diversity & Inclusion

Our aim is for us to continually enhance our understanding and to bring about improvements in the job market through positive ED&I practice.

Working together for a better future

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (ED&I) is increasingly and rightly a prominent element of all we do.

It has evolved from a subject largely confined to international businesses two decades ago, to being a focus for almost everyone. However, while it is a subject that is discussed more frequently, it often makes many feel awkward or afraid of stating their views at the risk of saying something inappropriate.

We started our development plan to educate ourselves on ED&I in 2022 – bringing together all of the knowledge that we have gained from our work with clients, with candidates, and with the REC. Our main objective for our business is to keep talking about ED&I, make it an increasingly “safe” subject for all to discuss, and to contribute towards making the Yorkshire & East Midlands business regions increasingly diverse and inclusive. From our research, our recruitment processes are consistently delivering a balance of representation that exceeds the initial expectations.

Our ED&I Commitments

Every recruitment process should be open and inviting to everyone.

ED&I is a safe subject for employers and recruiters to talk about – we will all evolve together with regular momentum at the right pace.

Pratap Partnership is a business that is built around the capability and the history of our people – this comes with a vast network of candidates for our clients.

We could be a successful recruitment business with this feature alone, but that would not be enough to meet our own ethical standards, and the increasing expectations from employers and candidates.

We believe that everyone must be considered equally and fairly for every application. This in turn will lead to a better and more diverse business leadership of the future. We will not reach a more diverse landscape of future leaders solely through an “equal opportunities” policy – their impact on biases, stereotypes and structural inequalities is limited. ED&I is an evolving subject.

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