People Network

People Network is our way of recruiting outside of the finance department. It has been one of the most successful evolutions of our business over the past two years

Our business has been built upon the strength of our specialism in finance over the past 20 years. As well as creating a strong CFO Network, this has also built up strong relationships with a good number of CEOs, Managing Directors, HR Leaders and Partners – many of whom now rely on us for all of their recruitment needs.

What makes People Network a success?

Our key clients pushed us to create a proposition to resolve their recruitment needs. We initially just worked with those we had a close relationship and it has evolved into a very successful part of our business. We now feel confident to suggest People Network to all clients as an effective solution to finding the right candidate and a positive recruitment experience.

  • All of our campaigns are delivered by our directors. This ensures that the highest standards are delivered and the personal relationship between client and consultant extends to every stage of the process.
  • We use search methodology combined with adverts and the latest recruitment innovation to create large candidate pools for each opportunity.
  • All candidates are assessed for their technical skills, interpersonal competencies and motivators in detail.
  • Every detail of the process is managed in minute detail from interview preparation (for both parties), feedback management to referencing, negotiation and aftercare.
  • Our way is to only work on a manageable volume of jobs and to maintain our 100% fill rate. We complete every process with a successful placement and an even stronger relationship with our client.

How we operate

The employer

We will not work on every opportunity - just those where we are 100% confident that we can deliver a positive result and experience. We invest more time into our processes, so we always ask for the following criteria to be applied for us to be engaged;

The role

We are engaged on an exclusive basis (and typically retained at senior levels). A clear commitment from the client to recruit and invest some time at the outset to ensure that the process is planned with as much information as possible.

How we deliver

Timescales for delivery are agreed at the outset. We can work very quickly when client circumstances dictate an urgent requirement, but work on the basis that 2-3 weeks is an optimal time to complete a comprehensive shortlisting process.

Our People Network

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