CFO and Finance Director appointments across Yorkshire and the East Midlands in 2024 are closely consistent with the same period in 2023 - just over 1% higher to be exact!

  • Appointment numbers are 24% higher than the average of the previous three months.
  • There is always a seasonal bounce in the number of appointments starting in January, but the 2024 figure is 10% higher than each of the past two years.

Gender Diversity

Female representation in the past three quarters has been at 28%, 32%, and 31%, so this represents the lowest quarter in the past year. The figure for the full previous year was 26%.

Top Three Sectors for appointments:

Our analysis over the next quarter

We will be speaking to the CFOs and other experts about some of the most regular and interesting issues we are seeing across the region over the next quarter.

  • Shared Service Centres – will we see an increase in numbers setting up in our region over the next few years? The volume of conversations that we are having and changes in technology, demographics, and international landscape suggest there may well be.
  • Fractional CFOs – how quickly has this market grown and what is the future for it?
  • Renewable Energy – continues to be a growing sector in our region and one that is attracting a lot more talent.
Nik Pratap
Lorraine Pratap
Elise Walsh
Gillian McBride
Nicola Worrow
Amanda O’Neill
Karen Caswell
Dale Spink
Charlotte Morgan-Smith
Gemma Hutchinson
Jess Lister
Alex Mostyn-Jones
Alex Mostyn-Jones
Claire Screeton
Claire Screeton
Euan Begbie
Euan Begbie
Marie Carroll
Marie Carroll
Lucy Miles
Nicola Beach
Leighton Thomas

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