The benefits of a branded recruitment advertising campaign

Mar 19, 2021
Feb 11, 2021

Amongst the many benefits of our new website, the ability to be able to showcase an increased number of branded campaigns is one of the most significant. We currently have 6 live campaigns ranging from part-qualified accountants to Finance Director, CEO and Managing Director. This takes us near to a figure of 50 branded campaigns since we created our business less than two years ago – an achievement that we are proud of and that has added quality to our network of candidates.

So why have we undertaken so many advertised campaigns?

  • It is the most effective way to showcase your opportunity and make it stand out from the crowd. In December 2020, there were 1.77m active job adverts in the UK (REC Job Tracker). Branded adverts will always catch the candidates’ eye first.
  • It is proven to make the difference. The majority of our placements are made from candidates who already exist within our network, but we have completed on a number of hires where the candidates have been attracted by the advert. These adverts sit at the top of many search engine results, deliver more impact and allow the candidates to do more research before committing to an application. LinkedIn research shows 75% of candidates want to understand the employer before applying for a job.
  • We are proud to work with great businesses. Recruitment is a positive process for employers to undertake. We like to give our clients something to shout about through our process and it has a positive impact on our branding too!

What do employers need to consider before deciding to run an advertised campaign?

  • The advert on its own is not the silver bullet for finding the right candidates. This misapprehension is the reason why so many direct hiring campaigns can fall short. They need to be run alongside a proactive search process to generate the best results.
  • Pick a single recruiter to work with. The only consideration we ask for in exchange for a branded campaign is exclusivity. Our consultants will always prioritise the campaigns that are exclusively managed (During the past year, just over 60% of our work has been exclusive with 23% being engaged on a retained basis) We always deliver on these campaigns because we prioritise them and feel more pressure to go the extra ten miles.
  • Confidentiality. Clearly branded adverts are not appropriate in every situation. Recruitment is often best carried out discreetly and with a very targeted search pool. Branded adverts can also have an impact on some of the details that could be placed in a confidential advert – salary package details and future promotional opportunities being two areas that need to be considered.

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