Nigel Hebron

Chief Financial Officer, Natures Way Food

Nigel is currently CFO at Natures Way Food, a leading manufacturer of fresh convenient food.

April 27, 2021
Apr 27, 2021
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Joe has known Nigel as a client since 2016, and most recently took great pride in speaking with Nigel and looking to represent him as a client while Nigel was searching for his latest CFO role during the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic. Although we didn’t place Nigel, we have continued to build a fantastic relationship with him and are proud to include Nigel in a number of our CFO networking events, as a fantastic CFO representative for the FMCG / Food sector.

Nigel is one of the most highly respected CFO’s within the FMCG/Food sector, and is a very commercially focused strategic Finance Director. In all his roles as a finance leader he has been instrumental in driving an increase in profitability through operational, strategic and financial improvements. Nigel’s other key strengths are his leadership qualities, and his ability to business partner across the entire organisation. He is very calm under pressure, and as well as being able to communicate at board and exec levels, he is known for treating all workers at all levels with respect and for building trust in his employees.

What made you decide to choose a career in finance?

I always had a passion for numbers at school and the more I understood about how as a management accountant I could use my financial maths skills to help influence a business I was sold on the idea. Once Id made my mind up that as it, I was going for it, I don’t think I am but many people around me from the past and present will say I’m a driven person, so I guess that’s why I am where I am today. I’m not a pure mathematician or numbers person, but I use my “limited” ability to help guide and lead an organisation.

How did you find looking for a new job in the first lockdown?

I enjoyed the break, but then I realised how much I loved what I did.  It was hard at home (as it was for my family) but I always knew the right opportunity would come along and I didn’t want to jump into a role that was remote/home based. I need to be around people so I can get the best out of them and the organisation gets the best out of me.  I really valued the close and regular contact and support I got from my business network, the help and support several people gave me, I will never forget.

What have been some  of the biggest challenges and successes in your career so far?

Some of the turnarounds have been very challenging but I loved every minute of them.  I love the sense of achievement but more importantly, securing the future for colleagues and their families can be very challenging but very rewarding.  My biggest successes would be seeing how people I have worked with have developed and then gone onto have the career they wanted/dreamed of and have more than fulfilled their potential.  Yes, I’ve had successes where I have significantly improved the Enterprise value of businesses for their shareholders, but the positive impact on the people around me and the legacy I’ve hopefully left must be my biggest success.

What advice would you give to an accountant wanting to work within the FMCG/Food sector?

I’d say go for it and jump in with both feet, I love the FMCG arena and it's full of great, down to earth, pragmatic people who allow you to just be yourself.  I'd say go into it with open eyes and grasp every opportunity that comes your way, and the sector will offer you many and varied opportunities to fulfil your ambitions.

What do you enjoy most about the job you do?

That has to be be the people and the opportunity I have to influence the business and drive success (hopefully).  Seeing the business and more importantly people achieve success is very rewarding.  My job is different every day and you can never guess what direction your day is going to go in; I love that coupled with the pace and the passion the people and industry has.

What would people you work with be surprised to know about you?

Probably that I’m shy, and my age (I hope I look a lot younger than I am!)

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