Pratap Partnership attend Sheffield Hallam University Careers Fair

So many employers and recruiters are adapting to a market where there are fewer candidates available for opportunities and so much has been written about it.

October 14, 2021
Oct 14, 2021

It has been a pleasure to be involved in two events this week that will help to develop the supply line of finance talent in the future– a recruitment & employability event for finance undergraduates at Sheffield Hallam University and a networking event for 70 trainee chartered accountants in Sheffield this Friday.

Karen Caswell and Nicola Worrow were delighted to be invited to attend the FABS Recruitment and Employability Extravaganza (F.R.E.E)event at Sheffield Hallam University that took place on Wednesday 13thOctober 2021. This is something they have both participated in many times before prior to the pandemic, and they were so happy to be attending these events in person once again.  

Advising and assisting those looking for a future career in finance is something they are both experienced in and are very passionate about.  They have vast experience in this area having both worked in the finance sector for over 50 years collectively and have been instrumental in placing so many candidates into the first role of their career.

Over 300 Sheffield Hallam University students attended the event and came to listen to Nicola and Karen advise on areas including; how to create a CV with impact, the importance of a placement year, how to get the most out of LinkedIn and social media as well as offering tips on performing well at interview.  They were also able to personally assist 30 attendees with their CVs.

 Feedback from the students couldn’t have been more positive.  The students felt they gave them the confidence to go out and find placements as well as inspiring them to do well in their studies, which will enable them to secure a future role in finance.

 The comments below show how well their seminar and advice was received:

“Another brilliant talk by Nicola Worrow and Karen Caswell from Pratap Partnership, and it was great to speak to them afterwards to get some more information on CVs and applying for placements.”
“Very insightful and gave me some great advice for the future!”




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