We are IR35 ready

We were ready for IR35 on the original date of April 2020 but we welcomed the decision by the government to postpone the changes. We are ready for when the changes actually come into effect on 6th April 2021.

Feb 26, 2021
Feb 22, 2021
CFO News Article

Despite all of the factsheets and webinars offered by recruiters and legal advisers, many employers and workers do not feel totally comfortable with the new protocols and there is an inconsistent understanding of what will fall within the rules and what will be exempt.

With the interim sectors being so buoyant in the current market, our objectives are;

  • To follow a robust process to determine the status of each assignment to give the employer, interim candidate and ourselves peace of mind.
  • To ensure that each and every assignment is assessed on its own merits to determine the status – no broad-brush approach that will have a negative     commercial impact on the client and the interim worker.

We have taken a lot of advice from the Recruitment & Employment Confederation and have adopted their processes and forms to ensure that our processes are best-in-class.

We have also engaged with Qdos – a leading IR35 insurance specialist and approved partner of REC. Operating in tax consultancy for over 30 years, Qdos have been experts in IR35 legislation for over 20 years. They have set up a simple process to evaluate every assignment which is backed by a comprehensive tax liability insurance cover.

We have been using Qdos for all of our assignments since the turn of the year. Their systems are very easy to use and, combined with the peace of mind to all parties, it has already proven to be an invaluable aspect of our interim service. We are now looking forward to the future of the interim market!



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