We Welcome Dale Spink To Pratap Partnership

Dale Spink has joined Pratap Partnership and re-joined our team!

September 14, 2021
Sep 14, 2021

Of the most experienced accountancy & finance recruiters in our region, Dale has been one of the most successful over the past fifteen years, working with transactional and part-qualified candidates across Yorkshire. Speaking of his new appointment, Dale comments:

“I am delighted to be reunited with the team at Pratap Partnership.  Having worked with the majority of the team previously I strongly believe that our collective represents the best proposition for finding the right people for our clients.  Just as importantly though, I am back working with the individuals who I know will work just as hard for each other as we do for ourselves.  Our values have always been about strong ethics and trust, and this is something that comes naturally to all of us.  It is great to be back under the wing of Nik Pratap who I have seen as not only a colleague but a mentor. “ – Dale

Comments from the rest of the Pratap Partnership team, show that they very much approve of him being here:

“We are so excited to have Dale back in our team. He is so well liked by clients and candidates across and has some long-standing relationships who value his advice. Being back in the office has lifted our spirits and Dale plays a very large part in keeping up the morale and motivation of the team. It is great to have Dale join the Pratap Partnership team and even better to have the South Yorkshire Finance team working together again!” – Nicola Worrow and Karen Caswell
“I have been keen to get Dale into our business from the start. He is one of the very best operators in the market he operates in.  We all know his high levels of integrity, collaboration and drive, having worked with him before. Great to welcome him into Pratap Partnership and back into our team” Nik Pratap

Dale has already made his presence felt in his early weeks in our business and has made several great appointments.

Despite the current buoyancy of the recruitment market, each vacancy is taking more time and effort to meet our standards and complete. Dale joins us at an exciting but critical time in ensuring that we continue to deliver our standards.


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