A Seminar with Sheffield Hallam University Students

The Partners and Directors at Pratap Partnership have a long history of working alongside Sheffield Hallam University Business School...

October 5, 2021
Oct 5, 2021

Assisting students in preparing them for finding jobs either for their placement year, or in readiness for starting work after graduating.

We are delighted that these events can once again take place and on 13th October, Karen Caswell and Nicola Worrow will offer a seminar to students currently studying towards Accountancy and Finance, Economics and Business Studies degrees at Sheffield Hallam University, in order to help them secure a future in finance.

They will share advice on increasing students’ chances of securing employment and will focus on topics such as creating a CV with impact, how to search for the right role, getting the most out of LinkedIn as well as offering interview tips to swing the balance in their favour.  In addition to this they will share insights into the current market including market rate salaries and candidate availability.

Many thanks to Glen Cookson, Senior Lecturer at SHU for asking us to get involved and for helping to make the event happen.  We are very much looking forward to accompanying these students on their journeys towards a career in the world of finance.

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