Marie Carroll has over 20 years’ experience of recruitment within the professional support sector across West Yorkshire. To date, her whole recruitment career has been with one single employer; it was here that she worked with Nik, the rest of our partners and many of the rest of our team. She was promoted to the Director level on the strength of her client work and her natural talent for managing teams.

Pratap Partnership People Network has expanded our operations away from our traditional presence in the accountancy & finance sector, led by Elise Walsh and Gemma Hutchinson. It is now an established brand that contributes a significant proportion to our business – delivering a modern, consultative recruitment process for all disciplines from HR to Sales, Procurement to Marketing and PA to Executive.

“I worked with Marie for many years, but not for the past ten years – the fact that we have kept in touch and that she has joined Pratap Partnership now says everything about our relationship and how highly I regard her. I have been working on her joining us for almost a year – It is a huge step for her to have moved after so many years with her past employer. I was always confident that we would be the right destination for her. Her first two weeks in the business have confirmed this to be more than true” – Nik
“I’m very proud to see the success that the Pratap Partnership People Network division has seen over the last 3 years. It is a very exciting time and fantastic that we are now at a stage to expand the team - I couldn’t think of a better person to do this with than with Marie Carroll. I have previously worked with Marie and know that she will bring professionalism, expertise and so much value to our business, candidates and clients” - Elise
"After spending 20 years with my previous company, moving to a new business was always going to be a big decision. However, joining such a special team at Pratap Partnership, particularly given I had spent so many years’ previously working with many of them, made the decision a much easier one to make.  Their honest approach to recruitment and the values they display are wonderful to see, and I feel fortunate to be part of it. I am really looking forward to working with you all and seeing the future growth of the business!" – Marie
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