First Anniversary for Karen Caswell at Pratap Partnership

The first anniversary for anyone in a new job is at the very least, a mini landmark. For everyone who started a new job since March 24th 2020, it is a more substantial moment to reflect on...

May 12, 2021
May 12, 2021

Memories of starting the job in lockdown, receiving a phone and laptop at home and being inducted by TEAMS. Karen left her last employer in November 2019. She has now had 18 months where she has been spending the vast majority of her time at home. The impact she has made in our business and the way that she has fitted in to our way of working is a huge credit to her.

Our team has a very rare history of working together over 20 years and across 3 different businesses. We have adapted our own way of approaching recruitment and it is working really well. Karen was a very important component in our plan for growth – leading on the very challenging area of non-qualified level finance recruitment.

There have been huge changes in the landscape of non-qualified finance recruitment over the past few years.

  • Technology has changed the requirements for many transactional roles.
  • Volumes of applications to adverts have risen sharply in terms of quantity, meaning that the in-house recruitment teams of many corporates have taken over the sifting and screening process.
  • More part-qualified accountants are tied in with claw-back clauses on their training courses.
  • Candidate behaviours and attitudes have evolved. The best candidates want even more information, advice and comfort to support their decisions.

Karen’s approach to this part of the market has been very successful in year one and has seen her significantly beat the targets that she set herself at the outset. She has all of the resources and technology to provide her with a far reach into the candidate pool, has some close & long relationships with a good number of candidates across the region and works with employers who value her advice and her processes.

Some of the highlights of her first 12 months in our business;

  • Almost every one of her long-term client relationships has moved over to her in our business. The biggest compliment to any recruiter, showing that their clients’ followship is to them and not to their employer.
  • She has passed a number of senior finance opportunities to Nicola, Joe and Nik from her closest clients.
  • She has worked on her first branded campaign in her career and has now completed 7 in the past year.
  • Playing an ever increasing role in our People Network - our non-finance recruitment service.
I have worked with many finance recruiters over my career and Karen is one of the very best – We are all really pleased to have her here and proud to work with her. We are not far away from working in the office together more regularly and I am sure that will have a huge benefit for her and the whole team” Nik Pratap, Managing Partner.

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