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Feb 4, 2021
Feb 4, 2021
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Pratap Partnership will be two years’ old in April 2021. It has been a journey of hard work, success and pride for everyone who has been there since the start, and for those who have joined us along the way.

We have always challenged ourselves to constantly develop and improve. As we approached our second birthday, it became increasingly clear that our brand had evolved from where we were at our launch. From a closely-knit team of recruiters with a shared history and love of recruitment; to a team with the same credentials led by a culture and working practices that can set the standard in our industry. Consequently, we embarked on a three-month process to evaluate our value proposition and our brand, which we are now sharing through our new website.

Alongside an overview of our way of working, our history and our live job opportunities sections, we have created some new content to support our team and our network:

CFO Network – Featuring thought leadership and events on issues that affect Finance Leaders across industry, advisers and investors. Here, we will feature interviews with individuals sharing their inspirational stories and opinions, as well as articles produced in collaboration with our adviser community.

Women in Finance – An area dedicated to looking at the levels of representation and the debate behind the results. We will bring regular interviews with female leaders, sharing their stories and opinions.

People Network – Where we discuss and promote the recruitment we lead outside of finance. We have evolved a proposition that is trusted by many clients for a wide range of disciplines, from board to entry level.

Our brand and our website in 2019 represented what we believed in and what we hoped to be.

Our brand and our new website in 2021 represent what we have become and gives us a platform to maintain that whilst continually improving.

I would love to hear your thoughts. Please get in touch and start to follow our LinkedIn page if you do not already do so.

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